Monday, December 3, 2012


(1) Face-to-Face, We are only Beginning to Write: “From Now On…”

(2) For Example: “Every Border between us Shall be Slammed”

(3) IF there were a Concentration of Collapsings between the Intention of Desire (“so to Speak”) and the Place of a Pleasurable Consequence (“as it Spoke”)

(4) I Found Myself, walking Home, with a Nervousness in my Step, and an Anxiety with every Face I Encountered

(5) And the Silliness of it all Grows like this

(6) To Begin: (“In the End”)—After

(7) Theoretically: (-en)—Closure in------------à“*this”

(8) The Violent Scratch our Lives, will one Day Assume

(9) Every deliberate Movement, in Thyself:  A *this—in—*this”

(10) And the Silliness of it all depends on-----------àIn the Event…”

(11) The way your Face tilted, Marked, Stomped on a Point of Disapproval

(12) For Example: “I Admit to find the most Intense Pull to Write” that it Verges on what I am sure, can be Compared, to Ecstasy

(13) For Example: “I Admit that these Days, I find the utmost Disinterest in Reading” and the only way to liken this Sensation, is to One of total Revulsion

(14) Your Face Disapproves of my Extending and it Constructs that very Extension

(15) For Example: To Translate your Condition to Shock
(16) The Predisposition that I Loathe

(17) It is the Conclusion, which Invents, or rather, merely Contrives this Entire Present Story

(18) “Precisely…”

(19) The Conclusion is in (this): (in) Without (in) this

(20) Ultimately, my Collapsing, will be Seen, as to (have) been, the Residue of an Operation, that I Obstructed onto this Life: a “Crap-Off”, a “Stomach-Turning Scrap”, a “Passion for an Elaborate Joke”, and all of it, going sore (-ily) Wrong, yet Perfectly Framed.  Thus: What Shall Remain (after the Collapse), Here then, is the Antagonism of an Action, where the actual Remains, will not Rest in either of these two Senses: Desire or Guilt.

(21) In a Way, my Collapse, Here, will Repetitiously, Suspend itself

(22) “ I have often Wondered, the many ways, in which SPANX, could Heighten my Life.”

(23) But Who is fucking Counting—[?]

(24) Thus: I haven’t the Slightest Clue what I am looking for; However, I am quite sure that I am Hamming-It through this Existence

(25) For Example: Touching you, is not an Act of fucking Effigy; But Baby-Girl, it IS “Something fucking Else…”